Watch: This Is The Correct Way To Pop A Spot

Forget all that stuff about never picking a pimple. It's okay if you do it correctly. Here's how...

Popping a spot

It’s the one thing we’re always being told not to do: never, ever pop a spot, but when a massive pimple has appeared right before a big do or important event, what are we supposed to do? Leave the little blighter there for the world to see? Um, no.

Thankfully, you can forget about the ‘never pop a spot’ rule because going gung-ho on a pimple is totes okay, provided you do it correctly.

We hit up for the down low on dealing with a spot and as it turns out we should be using a needle, along with a little rubbing alcohol for sanitary reasons, to pop that pimple.

Here’s how…


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