Whoa! Kim Just Showed Off Her Natural Hair And There’s Not Very Much Of It

She looks SO different without extensions.

If there’s one thing that makes us envy the rich and famous it’s their ability to always change up their hair do. Thanks to a whole range of wigs and extensions and a talented team of hair technicians, celebs like Kim Kardashian can easily ensure their style never gets boring.

Kim’s debuted a whole host of different dos recently, from super long extensions to a blunt lob, and now she’s decided to show off exactly what her natural hair is like, without all the add ons.

Turns out, it’s way shorter and sparser than we anticipated.

The KUWTK star took to her Snapchat account to reveal braided locks that come just past her ear in the length.

Basically, if you’re ever feeling down about your hair not being long, big or bouncy enough, just remember that underneath all the wigs and extensions, your favourite celebs are probably dealing with the exact same problem.

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