Winged Eyeliner Stickers Are Here – And They’re What Every Make-Up Klutz Needs!

Never again will you spend 25 minutes perfecting your eyeliner only to mess it up at the final hurdle.

Eyeliner Stickers

It’s a fact disputed by none that winged eyeliner is the trickiest part of your make-up routine. One false move and it’s all over.

From lines that are too thick and wings that don’t match to ‘what the hell even is that?’, try as we might we can never quite get our eyeliner on fleek.

Well, until now that is.

Introducing the answer to every lazy girl’s prayers: eyeliner stickers, a new product created by make-up artist Agustin Fernandez to shave time off your routine and make your life about, uh, a million times easier.

Bijoux De Pele Eyeliner Stickers

All you gotta do is grab a pair of tweezers and pop them on and then use your regular eyeliner to fill in the inner corner of your eyelid, as Agustin demonstrates in this vid:

DELINEADOR ADESIVO ? – O delineador adesivo gatinho By Agustin Fernandez é produto co-criado por mim, pratico, reutilizável e tão fácil de colocar quanto aparece no vídeo. A cartela contem 6 pares, sendo 3 foscos e 3 com glitter. Valor R$77,40 – FRETE GRÁTIS. – ? onde comprar? ? No link direto aqui no perfil ou pelo WhatsApp ‪+55 48 8850‑0840‬. Vocês vão amar! PS: me marquem nas fotos usando ele, estarei repostado. – Atacado: – Gostaram? Não esqueçam de marcar as amigas que vão amar esta novidade. _____________________________________________________ ✅Adhesive Eyeliner by Agustin Fernandez – 6 pairs, easy to apply and reusable – Shipping soon worldwide ?TAG YOUR FRIENDS ???????? @bijouxdepele

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They come in different styles too, whether you’re going for a little subtle definition or a bold and dramatic eye.

We have one big question though: are they any good? Sure they look the part but we have a sneaky suspicion they might fall off after like two minutes.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait a little while before we can find out as Agustin is only starting to venture into the world of global shipping.

Still, a savvy invention, we think you’ll agree.

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