Women Are Rubbing Garlic On Their Faces For A Very Peculiar Reason

But it could be effective.


These days we get most of our beauty-related tips from #Bbloggers who guide us on everything from perfecting our winged eyeliner to choosing our skincare, but every so often they’ll suggest something that just seems so batsh*t-crazy-out-there that we have to question their authority.

Last week, beauty vlogger Farah Dhukhai told us that the secret to fuller brows was dabbing them with the juice of an onion. This week? She’s waxing lyrical about how rubbing a clove of garlic over your skin can work wonders on acne – and naturally, we’re a little dubious.

The trick is simple. Just make a few cuts into a clove of garlic to let the juices out and then dab it onto the pimple. “The garlic will flatten your pimple and get rid of it overnight, if not instantly,” Farah claims. *Cue hundreds of her followers running to their bathrooms to try it out for themselves.*

GET RID OF PIMPLES OVER NIGHT! ??⚪️? GARLIC will flatten your pimple and get rid of it overnight, if not instantly! ? ?Take a clove of garlic and make some cuts in it to extract some garlic juice ?RUB the garlic on any pimples that you may have ⚪️If you have a whitehead like me – itll be gone INSTANTLY and wont come back?? ?If you have a larger pimple beneath the surface, rub the garlic on it and leave it on over night. Youll wake up with it GONE! ✅Try this out.. it REALLY works to flatten the pimple and make sure it doesn’t come back! #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #vegas_nay #diy #makegirlz #byefeliciapimple *disclaimer – if you have sensitive skin, do a test patch first. If it starts to string or you feel discomfort rinse off immediately*

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While it might sound a little cray, there is some science behind the hack. In fact Garlic is loaded with both ant-fungal and anti-viral properties that are ace at warding off infection. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and contains skin hero salicylic acid, which is often used in the battle against acne.

All of that said, given the stench and the general ick factor, we think we’ll just stick with Clearasil.


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