Your Ultimate Guide To Looking Good, Part 1: From Cutting The Crease To Dealing With Baby Hairs

We ask the experts for their tricks of the trade to make doing your beauty bits easier.


How to… choose the correct shade of foundation

“The correct way is to test it out on your face as opposed to your hand,” explains make-up artist Michelle Regazzoli Stone. “You should test it along your jawline to get the most accurate match. It’s not uncommon to have two different foundation shades, one for daytime and one for evening time if you wear fake tan when you go out.”

How to… fill in brows without looking like a cartoon

“Start with a light handed structure line underneath the brow two thirds of the way from where the brow starts, continue into the arch and down along the tail of the brow,” Michelle advises. “For best application use a small angled brush. Turn the brush on its side then lightly feather up the product through the hairs to create the illusion of hair like strokes.”

How to… get perfect winged liner

It’s one of the hardest makeup tricks to master. Michelle’s advice? “Start from the outer corner because this is where the most amount of volume in your eyeliner should be, keep it nice and thin working it into the inner corner of the eye. When creating a wing, you’ll start from where your natural lash ends on the outer corner of your eye, and you’ll create a structure line heading out towards the end of your eyebrow.”

How to… cut a crease

Michelle talks us through the trend beloved of YouTubers. “After you have applied your transition and smokey shades to the socket of the eye, get yourself an emollient based product like a paint pot or a concealer and start to draw a half moon shape from the inner corner of your eye across your socket and blend down.”

This will instantly give an angular shape, creating a beautiful sharpness. You can then pack a loose pigment or shimmery eyeshadow on top of the cream to create the ultimate impact.

How to… overline my lips without looking clown-like

Michelle says: “You have two lip lines, a pink and a nude, the pink being your lip and the nude being the skin above your lip, the best way is to find the middle of these two lines and draw along it to add volume without looking too false.”

How to… hide dark circles

“If you have a blue tone underneath your eye you need to use a warm tone/peach tone concealer,” says Michelle. “If you are slightly more ashy under the eye or want
to add brightness, use a yellow or golden shade underneath the eye. Place the product underneath the eye and gently pat until set. If you are conscious of fine lines, then use your brush to rub it in the opposite direction in towards the nose.”

How to… apply concealer properly

“If you’re using concealer to hide blemishes, apply it over your foundation and not before – this must be set with a translucent powder for longevity,” Michelle explains.


How to… stop hair colour from fading

“Investing in the right professional home care is vital for maintaining long lasting vibrant colour or tone so you absolutely need a shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair,” says John Harvey from Peter Mark’s creative team.

Kérastase Bain Chromatique shampoo, €20.50, and Kérastase Fondant Chromatique, €28.90, are prefect as not only will they prolong the life of your colour, tone and shine but this pair will also help to prevent fade and sensitivity issues. You also should have a heat protector to prevent fade and sensitivity issues from heat styling.

How to… deal with those annoying baby hairs

“This is something many women experience with the two most common causes being genetics and post-pregnancy,” John explains.

“Unfortunately, if your baby hair is a result of genetics there is very little you can do apart from styling or embracing them. For styling try using a fine tooth comb and spraying it with Redken Pure Force, €15, and brush/comb those hairs into place. Using a comb instead of a conventional hair brush will ensure you pick up every tiny hair. If this is due to post-partum hair issues then we always recommend Nioxin. The system gives you the best environment possible to encourage hair growth”.

How to… actually get what you want at the salon

“A picture is the absolute best way to ensure the vision you and your stylist have in mind are the same,” says John. “Bring as many images as you feel will help convey what you’re looking for even if it’s three or four different pics – elements of each image can be incorporated into a cut to give you what you’re after. Also knowing what you DON’T like is often just as good. Most hairdressers find it easier working with a new shape or colour change when it’s established what the client doesn’t like.”

How to… do a relaxed wave

After you’ve applied heat protection, “working in even sections 2cm wide, use the GHD Curve So Curl Tong, opening the clamp and flat wrapping your hair around the barrel,” says John.

Close the clamp to secure the end of the hair in place. Wait five to eight seconds and then open the clamp to release. Repeat this exactly throughout your hair and allow to fully cool. Then mist a light spray of Redken Shine Flash, €17.90, over your hair and brush through your curls and style into shape using the Peter Mark Air Motion Brush, €14.95.

How to… make your hair grow faster

“If you are the type of client who only cuts your hair once a year because you want it
to grow, I’m afraid to tell you but this won’t work and will actually prevent your hair from reaching its full Rapunzel potential,” John warns.

“Having regular trims will not only keep your hair looking fuller and thicker at the ends but will prevent it from becoming wispy and fine which is one of the main reasons your hair won’t get any longer. As an average, hair grows about a half an inch a month. If you wait three months between cuts you’ll have 1.5 inches of growth and so can afford to cut half an inch.”