Yuck! This Is What A Night Of Sleeping In Your Make-Up Really Does To Your Skin

This might make you think twice about getting your shuteye with your slap on.

Sleeping in makeup

It happens to the best of us. You’ve had a killer day at work or an unreal night on the town and you’re way too zapped to even consider reaching for a face wipe and swiping away your make-up.

But just how bad is this make-up misdemeanour when it comes to your skin? We found out…

It causes wrinkles

If falling asleep in your make-up is a regular habit, then fine lines and wrinkles may show up sooner than expected. Thanks to the extra exposure to free radicals, it can lead to a breakdown of collagen, a substance that keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

It dulls your complexion

Not looking as luminous this AM? Sleep is when your skin has a chance to renew itself by shedding dead skin cells and revealing fresh new skin underneath. When you sleep in your make-up your skin is unable to complete this turnover of cells causing your complexion to look rough and dull.

It causes breakouts and dry skin

Feeling a little flakey after a night spent in your make-up? All that leftover residue creates a barrier on your skin which prevents your moisturiser from being able to properly penetrate. Add to that, it also messes with sebum production, meaning you should prepare yourself for excess oil and extra breakouts too.

The good news? Wrinkles, breakouts and dry skin usually only occur if you’re regularly sleeping with your slap on. If it’s a one-off thing, slough off the extra residue and dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator and apply a rich moisturiser to undo the damage. Oh, and keep a packet of face wipes by the bed from now on, y’hear?

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