5 Things To Do This Weekend To Instantly Lift Your Mood


Whether you’ve been hit with a case of the winter blues or you have a dose of the flu, these five things will instantly lift your mood. Promise.

1. Have a really long bath

Fill the tub with your favourite soaps and scents and immerse yourself for a good 40 minutes. Switch off your phone and switch yourself off, too. Not only will the hot water do wonders for your muscles and joints, you’ll sleep like a baby. Add some epsom salts to really relax the bod. So take a good soak and try to relax.

2. Write

You know we love our lists here at STELLAR and the benefits of writing things down are endless. Whether it’s things that you need to do or buy, some personal plans or even just what you’re thinking and feeling, not only will it make you more committed to your goals but it will clear your head and help you process your emotions too.

3. Cuddle a pet

Animals are amazing and they’re fantastic if you’re having a bad day. Honestly, is there anything better than playing catch with a hyperactive puppy?  Spend a few minutes playing with your furry friend or borrow a pal’s canine companion. Animals can actually reduce stress levels and bring an element of joy into our lives. Make a play date today!

4. Light some candles and read a book

The rain is set to pour all weekend and there’s really no need to go outside. Get yourself cosied up on the couch with a blanket and a cuppa and start a new book. Light a few scented candles to get yourself relaxed. Two amazing books that we have read recently are “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins (think Gone Girl) and “Asking for it” by Lousie O’Neill ( you WON’T be able to put it down).

5. Bake

The internet is flooded with delicious recipes for you to test out and baking is surprisingly very therapeutic. Pinterest in a great source of inspiration and not only will you be learning new cooking and eating skills, focusing on a singular activity will get your mind off whatever it is that’s getting you down.