5 Yummy Places To Eat In Dublin For €10 Or Less

The thoughts of cooking are just too much at the end of a long week, so we've picked our top five eateries, that won't break the bank.

If you’re anything like us going home and making a dinner on a Friday evening after a long week of work is just not happening. But, if your bank account has seen better days, going out for a meal may seem like a far-fetched dream. In come STELLAR to save the day; we’ve found five fab eateries that’ll get you fed for a tenner or less. Huzzah.

1. Boojum:


Whether you’re an extra spicy or a super mild kinda gal this spot caters for everyone. You can get your burrito chocker block full of all the rice, sauces and cheese you like or if you’re feeling like a less messy dinner you can opt for their burrito bowls that are just as filling and delicious. Best of all you can get all of this for under €8.

2. Bunsen

bunsen burger

This will definitely appeal to those of you who are super indecisive; Bunsen’s menu is concise so it won’t take you long to choose an incredibly yummy burger. Our personal fave is the double cheese burger for €8.95. Trust us, it’s mega filling.

3. Fallon and Byrne

prawn cocktail sandwich

For such a fancy place, Fallon and Byrne has some seriously good value meals. They stock a range of sandwiches that are so filling we’d have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we could. We especially love the prawn cocktail one. Delish.

4. The Camden Rotisserie

camden rotisserie

This place is definitely one of Dublin’s best kept secrets. All of their meals are really good value and the quality of the chicken you’re served is unbelievable. We fell in love with their buffalo burger which was only €9.50. Total food porn.

5. Neon

Neon Dublin Food

This place is the best value of all. Not only do you get an unbelievable main course of out-of-this-world Asian food for under a tenner, but to top it off they give you a soft drink of your choice and an ice cream for dessert. What’s not to love?!