It’s Gonna Be Sunny! 4 Ways To Make The Most Of The Good Weather This Weekend

We just can't wait to get away!

Does that holiday you booked in August seem forever away? Or are you just back from your holliers and having some serious post-holiday blues? Well, we’ve got some seriously cool spots to visit this weekend in good old Éire that’ll cure those holiday blues.

Irish weather generally puts a total downer on our weekends, but the good people over at Met Eireann have predicted that the sun will be out and proud this weekend and we plan on taking full advantage! Although its not going too be a scorcher *slyly slips bikini back in drawer* we deffo need to make the most out of this sunshine! So, with that in mind we compiled a list of the top four places to take a day trip to in Ireland. Who knew you could have so much fun without hopping on a plane?


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This little place is just a stone’s throw away from Dublin but when you get there you feel like you’re deep in the the heart of the countryside. The town itself has all the qualities of a traditional Irish town and on a sunny day it’s the perfect place to chill and enjoy some unreal food. One of our fave things to do in Greystones is the Bray to Greystones walk. The walk itself is 7 km which will take the average person about two hours but the views along the stunning coastal path are so breathtaking that it feels like half the time. When you reach Greystones why not visit our all time fave spot, The Happy Pear? The food is super healthy and delish so it’s the perfect place to relax after all that hard exercise.


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Although it’ll take you roughly four hours to get to in the car if you’re travelling from the capital, we promise it’ll be totally worth it! Dingle is famous for its beautiful scenery, buzzing Irish pubs, music scene and ancient forts so you definitely won’t be short for things to do. One of the best things about Dingle though is its food; whatever tickles your fancy food-wise Dingle will have the best version of it. We recommend spending two days here, there’s just too much to see and do in just one day and coupled with the fact its a pretty lengthy drive down you’ll be delirah with the extra day.


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The one thing you are always guaranteed in Galway is craic and plenty of it. But that’s not the only thing this buzzing city has to offer; there is a huge selection of shops where you can engage in some much-needed retail therapy, a load of trad pubs scattered around the city for you to embrace your roots and there’s a few world famous art galleries around for you artsy gals. We also recommend taking a breather from the city and heading down to scenic Connemara, you’ll never want to return home!


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Northern Ireland’s capital may be a small city but you certainly won’t be short of something to do.  Belfast is worth visiting for its history alone. The city is famous for its murals scattered depicting the troubles of the 20th Century. For those of you obsessed with Titanic (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) you’ll be kept entertained in the fab Titanic museum. The night life in the city is also second to none, so you might want to book a hostel because there’s no way you’ll be going out for just ‘one’.

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