Five Movies Perfect For a Duvet Day

Pop the kettle on there!

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Even in the summertime, you never know when the desire for a duvet day might strike. Whether it’s a random onset of stormy weather, you took it too far at the work drinks last night, or you’re just in desperate need of slowing down – we know the suss. Grab your cosiest PJ’s and put your feet up. As for choosing a film? We’ve got you sorted. Here’s five flicks to get engrossed in.


The Usual Suspects


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Now this 1995 movie right here will have you on the edge of your seat (dull day? What does that feel like?). The story engulfs us into the lives of 5 criminals who try to pull the ultimate money heist. This isn’t the kind of heist film you’ve seen before — no, this movie here is full of real suspense. As the plot continues it becomes evidently clear something is up because it isn’t a normal heist. This thriller will have your mind boggling trying to stitch the crime together.  




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Inspired by the true story of Barbra Skrlova, this 2009 psychological thriller is one that will have you clutching your pillow. It follows a young couple looking to adopt after having gone through a traumatic situation. Unfortunately, what they thought would be a happy family ends up being quite the opposite as the child has a dark secret, motive, and does not plan on leaving. Spooky!


Man From Toronto


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Starring beloved comedian Kevin Hart and Now You See Me actor Woody Harrelson, this 2022 Netflix release is all the action packed comedy you could need. The story follows Teddy, who tries to surprise his wife, but ends up in the wrong cabin at the wrong time. Having to go from a struggling entrepreneur to an assassin— that can be tricky.  With the help of the infamous assassin Randy AKA Harrelson, Teddy must compete a job to stay alive.


A Tourist’s Guide To Love 


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If you are a romantic and a fan of the She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook, you will surely love this movie. Available on Netflix, this recently released film follows a travel executive who disguises herself as a tourist to learn the ins-and-outs of Vietnam’s tourist industry. Using this chance to get over a break-up, she unexpectedly creates a bond with the tourist guide who shows her the beauty of Vietnam. But what will become of this bond when he learns the truth?


Do Revenge 

If you’re looking for a good girl, bad girl team-up, then you have found it. This dark comedy follows Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Stranger Thing’s Maya Hawke as they seek revenge on two schoolmates that have done them wrong. However, as sweet as revenge is, it comes with many sickening rumors, a loss of self, and truths taking a mighty long time to come out. 


Just Go With It


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For a wholesome duvet day, you can’t leave out iconic duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The movie Just Go With It is insanely ridiculous, in the best way. Sandler’s surgeon character pretends to be married as a pick up strategy – but accidentally meets “the one.” Instead of telling her the truth, he has his office assistant (Aniston, of course) pretend to be his soon to be divorced wife, even roping her kids into the scheme. The whole ordeal is absurd, but it makes for a heartwarming and easy watch. Ideal.


So there you have it, five flicks to entertain you as you refuse to move from the couch. Happy Streaming!


Words by Alicia Maxwell