This Weekend We’re Hitting Up Beer Market, Ireland’s First Beer Only Pub!

This new pub in Dublin's Christchurch is solely dedicated to the craft of beer. We're setting a diary note, STAT.

Dublin's Beer Market Pub customers

Pies come via The Pieman in Temple Bar.


Eh hello, is it me you’re looking for, beer-only pub? Why yes, yes it is.

We’re not un-fond of  a weekend-based relax over a drink at STELLAR HQ and beer’s always going to be up there with our fave ways to do it, so when we heard about Beer Market, the new pub on the block from the very clever folks at the Galway Bay Brewing Company (FYI, they already run Against The Grain, The Black Sheep, The Brew Dock and Alfie Byrne’s in Dublin city centre as well as more in Galway and suburban Dubbers, many of which we’ll confess to warming the seats in on the reg), we got quite excited.

Dublin's Beer Market Pub exterior

A sunny outdoor area makes for fun times.

When we discovered that Beer Market, located on the stretch between Christchurch and Cornmarket, is only gonna serve beer , we got even more interested. Uhuh, no wine, no vodka, no nuttin’ – okay, they will have soft drinks. Apart from that, it’s just beers of the world, in pint and 33cl measures – all the better to encourage sampling, apparently.

Dublin's Beer Market Pub pints

Read between the lines…

“The craft beer revolution is in the early stages here in Ireland, relatively speaking, so this may be considered a bold move. However, every European capital has a bar dedicated solely to beer,” says the Galway Bay Brewery’s director, Jason O’Connell. With up to 90% of the beer on tap unavailable anywhere else in Ireland, you’re kinda spoiled for choice if this is your tipple.

Don’t expect to be able to bag a pint of your on-the-reg pub fare; instead, immerse yourself in brews from across Europe and Ireland that’ll include limited releases and one-offs. Beers will be rotating on a regular basis and you’ll be able to request them too if there’s something you’ve spotted on your travels. So, a bit like the library then. Think of what you’ll learn!

Dublin's Beer Market Pub - siren beer

Siren’s one of the beer brands on offer.

It all sounds pretty damn awesome. Now, when is it the weekend again?