UGH! So The Weather’s Set To Be Absolutely Sh*te Again This Weekend

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

If you’ve been planning a massive Netflix binge, now might be the weekend to do it, because by the sound of recent weather reports it’s not a weekend you’ll want to leave the house.

Met Éireann have again issued a weather warning (another one, seriously?!) meaning we’re in for some pretty horrible conditions.

The yellow status warning is in place until 6pm today and “there will periods of heavy rain, with some severe downpours at times, especially in southwestern, western and northwestern counties with spot flooding,” Met Éireann have forecast.

Ugh. That’s sh*t news, but we’re getting ahead of the curve, stocking up on snacks, loading up our favourite series and vowing not to leave the house.

Every cloud and all that, eh?


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