Yes You CAN Have Pizza This Weekend & Stick To Your Diet. Here’s How…

Whether you're heading out or sitting in, it will be love at your first slice with these healthy pizzas.

1. Milanos


With a pepperoni pizza for under 500 calories, it’s totes worth driving to your local to pick up. Their Legerra Pizza range uses a thinner, crisper base and the hole in the middle of the pizza is filled with salad. Meaty pizza without ruining our hard work in the gym… Result!

2.  Dominos


For those of you just looking to curl up on the sofa with a pizza slice or two, we hear ya! Dominos have some delicious pizzas that deliver on taste, without all of the calories. We recommend you select lean meats and load up on the veggies if you want to be super healthy. They’ve also got a reduced fat cheese option and extra thin and gluten-free bases.

3. Home-made Tortizza Pizza


This is a homemade tortilla wrap-based pizza alternative. It replaces the sugar-loaded tomato puree with a healthier base. We love to use red or green pesto or avocado, and swap greasy and calorific toppings with healthier eats like grilled chicken and veggies.

4. Credo


You’ll fall in love with Credo’s gluten-free garden pizza. It’s loaded with spinach leaves, black olives,mushrooms, roasted peppers. Need we say anymore?

By Jennifer Conway.