5 Signs You Won’t Be Getting A Second Date (Soz.)

He was a tough one to read and you're really not sure he'll be dialing your digits to arrange date number two. These signs suggest it's probably not on the cards...

Couple on a date

He kept looking at his phone

Grr. Seriously who is he texting? If he just wasn’t that into you he’ll likely be easily distracted. Other signs that he’s disinterested are leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest. On the flip side, if he’s leaning in to hear you speak and mimicking your body language it’s a tell-tale sign he’s totally into you.

He didn’t ask you any questions

Come to think about it, he really didn’t say much of anything. One of two things is at play here; he’s either shy or just not interested. If he seems like he’s normally the cocky type, then it’s probably the latter. But whatever, that’s his loss.

He mentioned his ex

You’re not even sure how she came up in conversation, but she did and it made you feel a smidge uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb, if he mentions her once it’s forgivable, side-waying her into every conversation topic isn’t.

He didn’t make any eye contact

In fact, you’re pretty sure he was eyeing off the girl behind the bar and he paid more attention to the match that was on in the background, than he did to you.

There was no flanter (That’s flirty banter, FYI)

The date was fine but the chemistry just wasn’t there. There was no witty chats, or laugh out loud moments, and if you’re being really honest you’re not even sure you have that much in common. Come to think of it, you’re not really too fussed if he calls anyway.