5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Totally Committed To Your Relationship

Is your fella in it for the long haul or will he run for the hills at the first hint of trouble? These signs will tell.

Couple holding hands

1. He’s present

“Ask yourself if he’s really in the relationship,” suggests psychotherapist Lisa O’Hara. “If he’s distant, selfish and only looks after himself and his needs he’s probably not committed.” On the other hand, a guy that’s present in the relationship will be more in tune with your emotions. If he regularly checks in on how you’re feeling Lisa reckons it’s a good sign that he’s thinking about where you’re headed long-term.

2. He’s relationship-focused

“Does he look after just himself or you as a team?” asks Lisa. Guys who are relationship focused will think of you as a unit. A warning sign? If he uses ‘I’ a lot instead of ‘we’ Lisa says it could be sign that he’s just not that into you.

3. He involves you in his life

Are you on first name terms with his mum and dad, or a regular on night’s out with his mates? A guy who’s commitment-minded will want to involve you in all aspects of his life. On the flip side, “if he wants to spend a lot of time with his friends rather than you on your own” Lisa warns that it could be a sign he’s still a single guy at heart.

Just because he hasn’t popped the question or asked you to move in yet doesn’t mean he’s not committed.

4. He celebrates milestones with you

“Just because he hasn’t popped the question or asked you to move in yet doesn’t mean he’s not committed,” says Lisa. The important thing? If he’s happy to celebrate little things with you, like anniversaries, birthdays or family occasions it shows he’s keen for the relationship to keep moving forward.

5. He’s thinking about the future

He doesn’t have to be talking about huge things like your kids’ names or the table plan at your wedding, but making small commitments like booking a holiday together, or planning what the two of you might do over Christmas, are surefire signs he’s at least thinking about you in his future. It’s “setting small milestones that’s key,” says Lisa.