5 Steps To Make Your Tinder Date Less Awkward

Nope, it doesn't have to be a cringey, jitter-inducing experience. These tips will nix those Tinder date nerves.

First Date

As far as dates go, a Tinder date is probably the most awkward. After all, you’re meeting a complete stranger, who may or may not be who they say they are, on an app that’s notorious for hook-ups. No pressure, eh?

But meeting your new Tinder beau doesn’t have to be a majorly morto affair. Nuh-uh, with the help of this five-step plan it can be an an altogether less cringey and nerve-wrecking experience – promise!

1. Acknowledge the elephant in the room

There’s no point ignoring the fact that you both don’t know each other and that you met on a dating app, so don’t beat around the bush. Have a LOL about the pitfalls of dating on Tinder or strike up a convo about the puppy that’s in his profile pic during the first few minutes and you’ll definitely break the ice a little. Maybe don’t mention the other three guys you’re talking to though, y’hear?

2. Location, location, location

This is one thing you can plan well in advance, so do it well. A good or bad location can make or break the date, so ensure you choose somewhere that isn’t too quiet – it’ll amplify any awkward silences. On the flip side, avoid places that are packed and loud as you won’t be able to have a proper conversation, and above all else, make sure it’s not somewhere you could potential bump into your ex. #Scarlet. For the record, cinema dates are awkward, while a couple of drinks at a low-key bar strikes the right balance.

3. Turn your phone off

While your smartphone might be the place you met, it certainly shouldn’t be a prominent feature on your first date – and you certainly shouldn’t be messaging the guy you’re off on another date with tomorrow night. ¬†Ditch the world of technology and rely on your killer charm and personality to win him over, instead. If you keep checking your phone every ten minutes neither of you are going to have a great night, are you?

4. Don’t bring up your ex

You’re meeting this guy for the first time, right? You’ve already got so much you could possibly talk about so there is absolutely no need to refer to previous boyfriends and what grade A arsehholes they were. Bringing up your numerous failed Tinder dates from the weeks past won’t be a hit either. Stick to neutral topics instead, and if he brings up his ex? Side step it by swiftly changing the subject.

5. Don’t get too drunk

A Tinder date is sure to amplify those first date nerves; you’re meeting a stranger after all, but that doesn’t give you free reign with the wine bottle. By all means, have a few glasses to calm your jitters but if you’re finding yourself slurring half an hour in, it might be best to switch to spritzers. If he’s the one hitting the booze? Suggest moving the date outdoors to get a hit of fresh air, or head somewhere for a late-night bite to sober him up. Sorted.