5 Things He’s Thinking On The First Date

We asked our guy friends what goes through their minds on the first date. Here's what they told us.

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Tonight’s the night. You’re off to meet a new guy and you’ve no idea what to expect. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside that old noggin of his and find out what he’s thinking? Well, that’s where we come in. We very nicely asked our guy mates what thoughts pop into their heads while they’re on a date with a new bird. Here’s what they said.

Man, I’m nervous.

Yep, guys get the jitters too. One guy told us, he always calms his nerves with a cheeky pint before meeting a girl for the first time, while another lad ‘fessed that the more amazing the girl, the more nervous he gets. One poor dude admitted he’s been told he comes off as cocky on dates, when really he’s dying with nerves. Apparently, the guys are just intimidated by our awesomeness ladies.

Damn, she’s hot.

All the guys we chatted to said that the first thing they do on date night is check you out. Um, no surprises there then, but what do they notice? A cute smile and a sparkling pair of eyes were top of the list, with good personal hygiene and a hot bod coming in next. One lovely dude even told us that when he first locked eyes with his now wife on the first date, he knew that she was the one. Bless!

Did I really just say that?

Just like us, the guys suffer from good old foot-in-mouth syndrome on the first date too. Yep, chances are he seriously regrets telling you that all-too-graphic story about the time he had food poisoning in Thailand, or that infamous bender he went on with the lads in Amsterdam. One lad told us he accidently blurted out that his Mam still does his laundry. Er, not the best opener. Cut the guy some slack. He’s morto.

Um, do we split the bill? How does this even work these days?

Yep, it’s that good old fashioned first date conundrum: who pays? He’s worried if he foots the bill it might offend your feminist principles, and if he doesn’t you’ll think he’s a cheapskate. Most of the lads we asked said they always offer to go splitsies to avoid any awkwardness. The rest said it’s up to the person who did the asking out to pay the bill.

Is there chemistry?

One guy told us, that at the end of every date he asks himself, “does she have that je ne sais quoi?” and if the chemistry’s there, he’ll deffo follow up. The lads all agreed though, that if you made him laugh, could hold your own in conversation, and the two of you sealed the date with a movie-worthy kiss, he’ll be blowing up your phone for date number two.

Pic credit: River Island