5 Ways To Reclaim Your Lunch Hour

You've got 60 minutes to re-energise for a deadly afternoon. Here's how to get in an awesome lunch break.


Lunch breaks are meant to be super chill but we bet you’ve spent a fair few of yours hastily scoffing a sambo at your desk, glued to a screen, or worse, not taking a break at all. Getting in a good lunch hour is super important; not just for having a killer productive afternoon, but also for managing your stress levels, and improving your overall mood. Right then, so how do you get in a good one?

Switch off

Andddd breathe. Your lunch break is just that. A break. Don’t try and squeeze all your side projects into those precious sixty minutes or use it to put a few extra ticks on your to-do list. Instead turn off all screens, grab some fresh air and catch up on something you actually enjoy doing, like, AHEM, flicking through your favourite mag (STELLAR, yo) for example…

Eat right

We get it. You’ve been working hard all morning, you’re hella hungry and all you wanna do is reach for the most calorific, sugary thing you can find. But don’t! What you eat now will have a massive impact on your energy levels for the rest of the afternoon, so instead swap energy-zapping foods like pasta, crisps and sausage rolls for brain powering-nosh like fish, nuts and wholegrains. They’ll help you stay alert right through to COB.

Be social

You’re mega stressed from that meeting/presentation/ project and going for a mid-afternoon giggle with a gal pal is the last thing you wanna do. Heads up: you might not feel like it but having a good chingwag with a friend is the perfect cure for a stressy morning. Just steer clear of the Debbie Downer in your group. You don’t want to take those negative vibes back to the office with you.

Move it

Nobody’s saying you have to squeeze in a full on sweat sesh but getting just ten minutes of moderate exercise can reap major benefits, like beating the 3pm slump and keeping you more alert. Go for a brisk walk around the block or get in a few light stretches. We reckon you’ll be much better equipped to deal with any aggro that comes your way in the afternoon.

Get Zen

Sure, you might feel a bit silly getting your ‘om’ on but there’s a reason all the really chill people meditate on their lunch hour. It aids problem solving, eliminates stress and helps to refocus the mind. And if that’s not a recipe for a perfect postprandial, then we don’t know what is. Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes and clear your mind for a bit. It’ll set you up for a stirling afternoon, promise!

Pic credit: House Of Frazer