6 Bad Guys Every Girl Meets In Her 20s

From the commitment scared to the guy who just won't grow up, we bet these bad-for-you guys seem all too familiar, and you can do so much better, girl.

bad for you guys

1. The commitment phobe

Things are just starting to heat up, then lo and behold, you learn that your new fella isn’t serious about getting serious. Damn. He’s the one that pulls back just when things start to look like they could be going somewhere. Slowly but surely, he stops replying to your messages. The fact is, he just isn’t up for commitment right now… or perhaps ever. It’s tough, but if a relationship is what you’re after, then you best look elsewhere.

2. The one you wish you could change

He’s the bad boy you know you can’t trust, and the one you’ve heard all the stories about. You tell yourself you’re the girl who has the power to change his ways, but here’s a heads up: you’ll never make him any different, so we suggest you stop trying.

3. The guy that’s only in it for sex

You hooked up in Coppers before hot footing it back to his, and now you’re hoping to move things a little further. The only problem? His idea of romance is buying you a vodka and Coke at the bar, and he only ever calls you to see if you’re out. Secretly you’re hoping he’s going to ask you on a date. We say, don’t hold your breath. This guy’s only in it for one thing.

4. The one who’s way too keen

This can be an awkward situation to be in. On the one hand, it’s nice to have the attention of the guy you’re seeing, but on the other hand, he’s driving you crazy. Sure, he’s a nice guy, and he was fine to go on a few dates with, but you’re just not feeling it. You’ve told him you’re not interested but he just won’t take the hint. Grrr.

5. The one that got away

Ugh. Out of all the guys you meet in your twenties, this one might just be the worst. Maybe you were too young for the relationship to work, or your circumstances changed; whatever the reason, this guy broke your heart – and broke it badly. You still think about him now and again, and if you’re being completely honest you still secretly hope that you might one day get back together.

6. The guy who won’t grow up

He makes stupid jokes, has to run everything by the lads, and still lives with his parents. This guy has very little ambition and even fewer life goals, and probably isn’t worth your time or effort. He needs a serious wake-up call and you don’t need to be the one to do it. We say, if he doesn’t buck up his ideas, get rid.

By Pippa Doyle