6 Signs He’s About to Say ‘I Love You’

Things are hotting up and you reckon an L bomb is on it's way. Here's how to know for sure...

Couple kissing on bikes with view.

You’re at that unique place in your relationship where everything is still new and exciting, but also becoming comfortable at the same time. It’s an exciting place to be, and you think you’re beginning to the get ‘the feels’ for your fella. But does he feel the same way? Here are six surefire ways to know if he’s about to say ‘I love you’.

1.He’s showing you

They aren’t so good with words the menfolk, so they’re more likely to show you how they feel, rather than telling you. Maybe he makes you dinner after a long day at work, buys you your favourite chocolate bar, or lets you pick the movie you guys watch. These small gestures are his way of letting you know he cares, and that he likes to make you happy.

2. He’s planning cute dates

Has he been organising nice dinners or romantic dates? Sounds like he could be scouting out the ‘perfect’ place to say it. Maybe it’ll be at a place that’s sentimental for you both, or to a romantic spot in your hometown, either way he wants to make it a special moment for you both.

3. He’s suggested making things more serious

Is he keen to move the relationship along? Things like having a drawer at his place, asking you to sleepover more, suggesting that you take a trip together, meeting his family and friends, or even giving you your own key to his apartment, are all signs that he’s gearing up to drop the ‘L’ bomb.

4. He talks about the future

He’s chatting about the future, and he sees you in it. Maybe he’s making plans for next month or even next year; either way, if he’s thinking about the longevity of your relationship it’s definitely a good sign.

5. You both can feel it

This is a biggie. You can feel something different between you both, it’s that gut feeling. You’re both extremely happy and comfortable around each other, you smile when you’re with him, and it just feels right. You can tell you’re about to turn a corner in your relationship and it’s exciting. We’d say ILY is deffo on it’s way.