6 Things A Guy Does When He’s Really, Really Into You

Has he been acting a bit jeal, calling you on the reg and inviting you to hang out with his mates? Sounds like he's just that into you, lady friend.

Hipster guy

So you met this pretty decent bloke. You’re several dates in and you’re kinda thinking you’d like to lock things down and make it official. But wait, there’s a catch: how do you know he’s on the same page as you are? Well friend, if he’s as into you as you are to him, then we’ll bet he’ll be doing six of these subtle things.

1. He makes sure you come first – literally

When it comes to the bedroom, he’s by no means selfish. In fact, he always follows the rule ‘ladies first’ when it comes to the big O. He’s not just looking for a hookup at 2am when he’s locked either; nuh-uh, he’s just as happy spending Saturday down the shops with you, as he is jumping between the sheets on a lazy Sunday.

2. He makes plans with you

There’s never a weekend when you don’t have something to do. Whether he’s planned a mini-break away, a road trip along the coast or just a quiet night in with pizza, ice cream and TV, he always makes the effort to see you. And most importantly, he’ll put down his smartphone and be totally present when he’s in your company.

3. He mimics your body language

This one’s a dead giveaway, because it’s subconscious and he can’t hide it. Keep an eye on his movements. Is he subtly copying the way you’re moving your bod, angling himself toward you or leaning in so he can hear you talk? According to the book Success Signals: A Guide To Reading Body Language, they’re all subtle cues he’s seriously into you.

4. He acts a little bit jealous

We’re not talking in a majorly possessive way, but if there’s another guy on the scene he’ll subtly show that you’re with him; think wrapping his arm behind your back or touching your knee.

5. He picks up the phone and calls you

It’s a well known fact, that for the most part, men hate talking on the phone, and unlike us gals, they actively avoid picking up the blower. A guy who’s really into you, though? He’ll be dialing your digits on the reg, just cos he fancies a chat.

6. He invites you to hang out with his mates

You are in the loop, ladypal. If bringing you down his local for a few scoops with his friends seems like no big deal, we’d say he’s pretty keen to show you off. And if he’s chatting about taking you home to meet his mammy? Let’s just say you’re in there.