6 Things That ALWAYS Happen On Tinder

It's our go-to dating app of choice, and with every swipe sesh at least one of these six things is bound to happen.

Tinder dating app photo

1. Accidentally swiping left on a total ride

There are no words for the utter devastation of accidentally swiping left on a class A hottie. Our immediate reaction is always ‘NOOOO’, followed by a brief daydream about what beautiful children we could have had. Sigh.

2. Sending drunken sexy pics

The only thing that’s worse than a hangover is when it’s coupled with the fear, and there’s nothing quite as morto has hitting up your Tinder the morning after to see that you’ve sent a bunch of cringey, pouty pics to the guy you’ve just started talking to, or worse still, posted one of the snaps to your ‘moments’ for all of your matches to see. Scarlet.

3. Encountering a stage-five clinger

So you swiped right and you weren’t too pushed to talk to him, but then he sent you a cute message and you responded with a cheeky reply. BIG MISTAKE. He’s now messaging you five times a day and gets pissed when you don’t reply. We’ve got advice for you: unmatch and block. Pronto.

4. Coming face to face with your ex

When your ex fella suddenly pops up on your screen, a load of questions immediately follow; has he swiped right or left for me? Should I swipe right just to check? When was he last active? What happens if we’ve both swiped right? Why is he trying to find someone new? Our advice: ALWAYS swipe left, cos if you match it’s only gonna cause an emotional shit storm.

5. Accidentally swiping right on one of your mates

You swiped right by accident and it was a match. Argh! He’s always been the friend that you love but in a totally platonic way, and now he might be thinking there’s something on the horizon for you two. Morto. Still, it can’t be as bad as haphazardly swiping right on your best mate’s ex, your boss, or (gross) your brother.

6. Seeing ten dick pics a day

It seems that some men these days have no shame, whatsoever. We don’t ask for them yet they somehow they feel obligated to post pictures of their peen in moments or messages. Guys, if you’re reading this; you wouldn’t jut randomly flaunt your junk in real life, so please don’t shows it on Tinder.


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