7 Signs You’re Officially Ready To Get Married

You can't wait to wear a big white dress and have your make-up done for the big day, but are you really, really ready to say 'I do'?


You know you love each other, but how do you know if you’re really ready for the next step? If you and your partner have been tossing around the words marriage and engagement lately, then this list is definitely for you.

Here are eight signs you’re actually ready to say ‘I do’. And, hey, if you’re not ready, don’t stress it; these things can all evolve in time. After all, what’s the big rush?

1.You’ve started shopping for your future

Sure there are like a million and one things you need to buy for the big day, but you’re just as excited about picking out china patterns for your new home together as you are about the wedding planning.

2. You don’t mind sharing the spotlight

More bluntly, it’s not all about you anymore. You take your partner’s needs, dreams (even his schedule) into consideration when making dinner plans or life plans. And when you think about your future, he’s in it.

3. Discussing who’s paying the electric bill is like a walk in the park

Marriage is a partnership, which means you have to divvy stuff up without either person feeling like they got the raw end of the deal. If you can negotiate that you’ll pay the electric bill every month if he takes on toilet duty, then you’re one step closer to being ready for marriage.

4. Running away isn’t an option

Being part of a partnership means being one half of a whole. So, when things go a little pear-shaped, subletting your apartment and taking off to another country, is not an option. Crucially though, that doesn’t seem scary and you’d only consider a major life move, if he’s going to be in it too.

5. You’re at your best when you’re together

He brings out your best traits, and the love you share only means you have more to give to others #goteam.

6. You’ve talked about marriage

We’re all for surprise proposals that go viral, but the idea of committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be something you’ve both thought about and discussed. We live in the real world, not a fairytale.

7. You’re excited about being married. Because there’s a lot more to marriage than just the wedding

Like, your entire lifetime together. Riddle yourself this: Would you still want to marry this person if you couldn’t have an Insta-worthy wedding? (Hint: The answer should be YES.)

By Jennifer Conway.


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