8 Signs Your Tinder Relationship Is Actually Going Somewhere

Are you onto a winner on Tinder? These signs suggest your relationship could be destined for more than just a hot hookup.

3_What_is_Tinder_and_Why_Should_I_Care_iStockSo you’ve been chatting away to Mr Hottie on Tinder for a while now, but you’re fraught with nerves, as you don’t know where you stand. Is he chatting to other peeps? Is he just after the ride? Will you be chatting through this god damn screen for much longer? Oh, so many questions left unanswered. Well lady pal fear not, here are some signs your Tinder relationship is destined for a little more than just a one night stand…

1. The convo didn’t start with ‘Hey’, ‘What’s up?’ or ‘How are you?’

Because no matter how hot they might be, if their opening line was one of the above, they’re immediately being unmatched. Obvs.

2. You’ve stepped things up a notch and taken the convo onto WhatsApp

Being at the stage where you can now see if they’ve viewed your message or not is a pretty big milestone. I mean, this ultimately means you’re friends on Facebook so you have access to basically their entire life. Feel the power.

3. You’ve stopped replying to other messages

A few weeks ago you had at least eight different fellas on the go at the one time. Now though, you’re spending so much time chatting to this guy that you don’t see the point of all the other convos. So basically you just stopped replying, simple as.

4. You know their full name

Don’t underestimate how important that info is.  This is a huge leap into the relationship domain. You don’t just give your full name out to anyone; there has to be at least a base foundation of trust.

5. And you’ve abused that info by stalking their Facebook/Twitter/Insta

This is the exact reason why you shouldn’t give your full name out to just anyone. Got it?

6. You leave one ‘x’ after anything you would consider a significant message

Argh. That one letter can mean so damn much.

7. You sacrifice precious sleep just to make the convo last that little bit longer

On the one hand, you love late-night texting because it means they can focus more on your messages but at the same time it means saying goodnight is that little bit closer. So bittersweet.

8. You notice yourself thinking about them all the time

On the train, going for a jog, in the shower, in your dreams… Yep, sounds like you might just be onto a winner. Time to lock in that first date and see if you have chemistry in person. Eek!


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