Ace An Internship: Our Editor Tells You How

Interning? Our ed Kirstie shares her top tips for really impressing at your new gig.

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HOORAY! You’ve scored an internship at your dream job, and it’s totes amazing. Nows your chance to really shine, but um, how do you do that? We asked our editor Kirstie McDermott what really makes a good ‘un stand out in her experience.

Kirstie’s Quick Tips

  • If you’re given feedback, respond.
  • Take notes.
  • Take responsibility for mistakes.
  • Don’t be afraid of the phone.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Be prepared to learn.

Treat it like a job

“The key to being a good intern is the same as the key to being a good employee,” explains Kirstie. “You actually will find it very tough to get past the internship stage without stepping up and behaving the way people have to behave at work. Okay, you might not be being paid right now, but if you don’t treat this like a job, it will never become one. You also need to be accepting that to begin with, you’re a junior member of the team and you need to impress.”

Make yourself known

“Without being an annoying pain, make your personality shine – talk to people, get to know them. Offer to help – don’t assume once your tasks are completed that’s it for the day,” says Kirstie. “Always ask your boss if you can assist him or her in any other way. If they don’t have work for you, ask someone else – you have no idea who might be impressed by you, or what avenues might open up.”

The thing to understand is that you make opportunities in your life – other people don’t make them for you.

Go above and beyond

“The thing to understand is that you make opportunities in your life – other people don’t make them for you,” Kirstie instructs. “People will help you out, of course, but you’ve got to grab the chance they offer and go for it once you’ve been given the opportunity. Give ideas, add input for ways you can add value and bring skills you have that might not be present. Make the company see that you’re an invaluable asset and they can’t afford to let you go.”