Best Buds: 6 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are BFFs

Private jokes, shared secrets and a mutual hate for the same people: is your boyfriend your BFF? Here's how to tell...

cute couple

1. You tell each other EVERYTHING

That rash on your lady bits? He knows about it. Your pal Lucy’s breakup? You’ve told him all the horrible deets. There are few secrets, if any, between you and that’s just the way you like it.

2. Attempts to embarrass each other never work

You’ve tried in vain to make him blush, and he’s done the same to you. From farting in public, to pulling you into a PDA, nothing embarrasses you anymore. You guys are just way too comfortable.

3. You have like a million private jokes

Most people don’t know what the pair of you are on about half the time. In fact you have so many private jokes, codes, and nicknames for people, it’s almost like you’re speaking your own little language at times.

4. You know how to cheer each other up

You’ve had a shit day and nothing will fix it… except having a pizza delivery and a bottle of red wine waiting for you when you get home. Lucky, he knows this and best of all, he knows your Dominos order down to a tee, too.

5. You hate the same people

That gal who bullied you in third year? She’ll always be on his enemy list. That supervisor who’s always landing your fella with too much work? You reckon he’s a total geebag. Basically, if they’ve double-crossed bae, they’re an A class A-hole in your eyes.

6. There’s never a dull moment

The pair of you spend most of your time LOLing your way through the day, chatting about nothing and roaring with laughter at the most moronic stuff. When it does go quiet though, it feels good, not awkward.