Dating? Here’s Exactly How Long You Should Wait Before You Text Him Back

Not sure when to blow up his phone? This website will help you calculate the answer.

Let’s face it, dating is hard, and if you’ve ever been faced with the predicament of when to shoot off a flirty reply to a new guy, you’ll know that it’s a tricky spot to be in. Text too soon and you might come off as desperate. Leave it too late and he might think you’re not interested.

So, what should you do?

Well, as with most modern day problems, there’s an app-based website that has the answer for that.


Making things super simple, Txtwar breaks this age-old dating conundrum into an easy equation:

How hot are you + how hot are they + how much do you like each other + how long do you each typically take to text back = how long to wait.

The formula is based on a few basic principles: 1) if you’re not as hot as your fella you should probably act a little more aloof and 2) if you’re really, really into him you should kinda act like you’re not.

It’s a pretty fun game to play, too. (Confession time: STELLAR were having major LOLs on the site all through lunch.) Just fill out the questionnaire, where you’ll be asked to rate yours and your new beau’s attractiveness, input how long it usually takes you to reply to a text, and review how much you like him so far. Once you’ve done that? The site will generate a super specific texting time-scale. (One STELLAR staffer was told to wait a whopping 13 hours 43 minutes before sending a message.)

While we’re not so sure how, er, scientifically accurate it is, at least it will give us something to do before we eventually shoot of that reply.


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