Here’s How Millie Mackintosh Eats Clean But Still Has A Social Life

Yes she drinks alcohol, and yes she goes out for dinner.

Millie Mackintosh
Clean eating can so easily become an obsession. When you’re weighing out all your ingredients (bought from the whole foods isle, obvs) swearing off everything processed and eating only the cleanest cuisine, it can be easy to let your social life slide.

After all, scoffing an Eddie Rockets burger on date night with yer fella or downing three shots of Tequila when you’re out on the town with the girls isn’t exactly on plan, is it?

But you don’t have to choose between one or the other. Chatting to Byrdie the super fit Millie Mackintosh explains how exactly she strikes a balance between socialising and eating clean.

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Her biggest tip is to plan ahead. “Like everyone, I enjoy a night out with friends where I eat and drink what I like—Italian is my favourite—but if I know I’m going to have a busy few weeks or I’m prepping for a shoot, I work out in advance which nights I am going to be good and when I will treat myself,” she reveals.

Next to ensure she makes a sensible food choice, Millie says she’ll look up the restaurant’s menu online so she knows what she’s going to order before she gets there.

Smart, huh? But what about boozing?

“If I am drinking, I’ll have tequila and soda, or tequila on the rocks, both with fresh lime. This is quite a clean and relatively low-calorie drink. Or I’ll order a glass of red; I’ll just have one glass and make it last,” Millie Explains.

And if she does overdo it on food and booze?

“To balance it I’m scheduling in more cardio sessions to burn off the extra calories. Right now I’m doing cardio three times per week instead of once, and fitting in a weights session twice.”

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So plan ahead, indulge in moderation and burn it all off with extra exercise.

Pretty practical advice we reckon.

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