Holiday Hacks: How To Pack A Week’s Worth Of Stuff Into A Tiny Suitcase

Love to holiday but hate packing? Don't start cramming, these six hacks will mean you can fit all your essentials into your bag, with a little bit of space left over.

woman packing a suitcase

Got a 15kg limit on a Ryanair flight, a maxed-out credit card and a rabid fear in your breast that this’ll be the one time they’re gonna weigh that mother and then snap, “that’ll be €490 in extra baggage charges,” while you flail about picking 5c coins out of the lining of your coat?

Nah: relax. We’ve got you covered with these essential packing tips, so you’ll be cool, calm and collected and more than happy to stroll about airport shopping, picking up a thing or ten. After all, money spent, (or calories eaten) on holidays totally don’t count, right? Right.

Fashion ed Linda Conway’s top five suitcase essentials:

  1. A big sun hat.
  2. A couple of different sunnies.
  3. Accessories (minimal, basic pieces are best).
  4. Sun protection (SPF50, yo!).
  5. An oversized jumper (for chilly evenings by the beach).

Bring a hat

Packing your fedora? Stuff it full of socks, lingerie and swimwear. Not only will it free up extra space, it’ll stop your headgear losing shape too. #smart

Roll ‘n’ wrap

To keep the creases away and make extra room, try this technique: tightly roll all your clothes rather than folding them and then secure ’em with an elastic band. It’ll make for a much more compact fit in your case.

Zip and slip

Those last few items not fitting in? Wait until your bag is fully closed and then open the zips a smidge. You should be able to sneak the final necessities into the gap.

Check the weather forecast

Uh, it may seem obvious, but knowing what the weather will be like will make it easier for you to plan your outfits. You’ll save space by only packing what’s weather-appropriate, instead of bringing something for all seasons.

Wear your heavy items

You might arrive at the airport looking like the Michelin man, but if you wear your bulky items (think jeans, hoodies and jackets) you’ll have loads of spare room for your boho chic ensembles.

Use a soft-sided suitcase

Soft-sided suitcases are essential for over-packers. Unlike their harder counterparts, they can be stretched beyond their limits, giving you a little extra leeway when you’re putting in those last few bits and pieces.

Just, y’know, don’t count on getting them into the aforementioned Ryanair’s measure-y metal thing at check-in – you have been warned…