How To Ace Pre-Bevs

This is how you nail the session before the session.


It’s Friday night. You’ve got €30 to your name and a serious urge for gin ‘n’ juice. So what’s the solution? Gather up your gang, nominate the gal pal with the nicest flat (and the comfiest couch) and indulge in a couple of cheeky pre-drinks, obvs. Yep, home bevvies are cheap and cheerful; here’s how to ace them.*

Choose your booze

Bargain bin wine is pretty grim. Get everyone to chip in for a giant bowl of punch which you can all share. It’ll taste a helluva lot sweeter than that nasty vinegary vino and it comes with a kick. You’ll need spirits, juice and some chopped up fruit like pineapple, peaches and apples. Just add plastic cups and you’ve got yourself a party!

Eating ain’t cheating

Scoff a sambo before you wash down that vodka and Coke. And it’s essential to munch on some nibbles in between too, so ask everyone to bring a little something something edible along too. High protein food like nuts and cheese help slow down alcohol absorption. Not to mention they taste pretty scrummy when you’re three drinks in.

Don’t get too wasted

You actually want to get in to the club, not roll around on the pavement outside it. Guzzle down plenty of water between drinks, pace yourself and scoff some food to soak up all the booze floating around in your system. Get in a good party nap earlier in the day, too, because your body’s better able to break down alcohol when it’s well rested, meaning you’re less likely to be conked on the couch after a few glasses too many.

Skip the drinking games

A round of ‘I Have Never’ or Beer Pong might seem gas, but spending the night hanging over the toilet bowl is not. Stick to those fun drunken convos with your mates instead. Much more craic, plus you’re much less likely to face-plant the pavement and wake up feeling morto – and sore – in the morning.

Keep time

Time flies when you’re downing shots of Cactus Jacks but remember to keep tabs on the clock. If you miss the ‘Free in before 11’ deal and have to splurge €20 for the entrance fee, then you’ve kinda missed the point of pre-drinks. Book a taxi before you all get too toxic, otherwise you could end up in that dodgy club that serves shooters through a hose at 3am. And we all know how that ends up…

*STELLAR wants you to drink responsibly! Check for loads of info on how to do just that.