How To Do The Weekend On A Budget – Without Being Minus Craic

The weekend's landed and no, you don't have to be a misery guts just because you're watching the cash. We know how to make it good 'un without being broke-as by Monday.


Ah, weekends. If you’re lucky you’ll be off to brunch with your bestie, eating out with your boyfriend, scouring the shops and downing a tequila slammer or four with your gal pals, which is obvs great for your social life but, um, not so much for your bank balance. So how can you still have the LOLS without feeling like a pauper come Monday morning? Here are our four fave ways to save and still have fun.

Cash it

Oh how we love to flex the plastic (it’s not real money, right!?) but if you’re watching the spends then you best leave your little micro-chipped friend at home. Fix a budget for the weekend instead and take the money out in cash. You’ll keep tabs on what you’re spending and won’t be able to splurge a month’s wages on a pair of Kurt Geiger boots unless you leg it home. Tip: don’t leg it home.

Eat clever

Off out for brunch? Look out for daily specials and early bird offers. If you find a deal that includes the price of your coffee, you’re on to a winner. Heading for some nosh at a nice restaurant? Munch some nibbles before you go so you’re not tempted to order all three courses or scoff down a pricey T-bone and an extra side of mash. If you’re seriously broke, then skip a drink and share a pizza or a plate of nachos instead.

Party hearty

Pre-bevs are obviously the way forward if you want to wet the whistle before a big night out. Get your friends to each bring something, like crisps or a mixer to make it less pricey and a bit more stomach-lining to boot. Hitting the pub? Avoid getting into rounds. You don’t want to be buying for the person drinking double vodkas when you’re having a humble glass of house red. Oh, and don’t even think about bringing your bank card out (see above) to party unless you want to see a line of tequila slammers charged on next months statement.

Shop smart

Yup, we know you need that Mulberry tote but do you like, need need it? Make a list of your must-buy items before you hit the shops to avoid making impulse purchases. Have a strategy too. If you hit the cheaper stores first you might spot something snazzy on the cheap that you would’ve splurged on elsewhere.

Got any tips for saving cash at the weekend and not blowing it all, on, well, crap? Share ’em below!