How To Have A Boyfriend And Not Alienate Your Friends

Are you guilty of abandoning your mates when a new fella is on the scene? No sweat, here's how to keep everyone happy...

third wheeling

We all have that one friend who disappears when she gets a new fella and comes running back when they breakup. Instantaneously, she’ll return to being your BFF, forcing you to listen to all her post-breakup woes in the process, and it’s, er, more than a little bit annoying, right? Right.

But what if you’re the gal who constantly ditches her mates in favour of her new beau? Well we’ve got news for you, lady pal; those mates won’t stick around forever if you’re making them feel neglected.

Luckily, you can stop the disappearing act and keep your friends in the process.

1. Do not cancel with a mate to go on a date

Unless it’s a first date (which we can all make allowances for) this is a big no-no. If you’ve made plans to see your friend and all of a sudden bae calls you saying he’s dying to go to the cinema tonight, it’s better to decline and reschedule. Cancelling with your friend suggests you’d rather spend time with him than her. And besides, nobody likes a flake.

2. Don’t bitch about your friends to him

Think about it, if he’s always hearing you moan about a friend he’s going to end up seriously hating on them… or worse, let slip some of the things you said. Play nice; if you’ve got beef with a friend, air your grievances with her, instead of telling your boyfriend.

3. Don’t go out on nights out just because you know he’s out too

When you’re in a relationship, it’s still important to keep girls’ nights out at the top of your priority list; your constant absence will be duly noted. Not a fan of the pub scene anymore? Have a girls’ night in to reconnect with your pals. But no texting your fella all night, y’hear?

4. Don’t trick her into third-wheeling

Reckon you can kill two birds with one stone and bring your boyfriend along to lunch with your bestie? Warn your friend if you plan on making her the third wheel, because chances are she’d rather take a rain check and spend quality time with you on your own.