How To Make Your Relationship Last, According To Older Couples

Want a love that lasts forever? These over-50 couples share their advice.

Couple from Up

If you ask us, older couples are the definition of relationship goals. After all, they’ve probably navigated their fair share of bumps and still managed to stay together for a heck of a long time, despite all their troubles along the way

So what’s their secret? Well, a study by has looked into the love lessons of couples over 50 and given us more than a few clues – er, 50 to be precise.

Here’s their best advice for staying together forevs:

1.Supporting each other through tough times.
2.Building a home together.
3.Not taking each other for granted.
4.Missing your partner when they are away.
5.Remembering the little things.
6.Not being afraid to show weakness.
7.Being in tune with each other.
8.When you can comfortably sit in silence.
9.Agreeing to disagree sometimes.
10.Knowing when something is wrong.
11.Holding hands while in your 50s and later.
12.Wanting them to let you know they arrived safely after a long journey.
13.Being able to confide in them about anything.
14.Valuing your partner’s needs over your own.
15.Laughing at each other’s jokes even if not funny.
16.Going for a long walk together.
17.Worrying for their safety when they go on a night out/away.
18.Making tea/coffee for each other.
19.Feeling comfortable discussing medical or health issues.
20.Remembering life is for living.
21.Encouraging your partner in their career.
22.Supporting each other when parenting.
23.Not having to dress to impress them.
24.Knowing when to bite your tongue.
25.Having adventures together.
26.Suffering no embarrassment at total nudity with each other.
27.Encouraging silliness in each other.
28.Arranging surprise breaks away.
29.Cooking a nice mid-week dinner.
30.Feeling a sense of pride at how your partner conducts themselves.
31.Sitting through television/films you hate but your partner likes.
32.Being able to insult them without them taking it personally.
33.Tidying up after yourself.
34.Getting on with your in-laws no matter how difficult.
35.Bringing home food (or cake) without being asked.
36.Sharing your last Rolo.
37.Being able to talk absolute gibberish.
38.Not minding them looking at other men/women.
39.Not being grossed out/ put off by anything they do.
40.Recording your favourite programme for you.
41.Admitting when you’re rubbish at DIY.
42.Finishing each other’s sentences.
43.Knowing what to order at the bar without asking.
44.Boasting to other people about your partner’s achievements.
45.Giving your partner control of the television.
46.Watching soaps together.
47.Getting up early to sort out the kids.
48.Getting nice presents, especially jewellery.
49.Liking each other’s friends.
50.Hating the same things.


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