How To Stop Yourself Getting Stressed Out This Christmas

It's easy to let the stress of Crimbo get the better of us, so we've taken the advice of an expert to make sure this Christmas is a calm one.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.28.36Christmas is just around the corner which means last minute crimbo shopping, family feuds, burnt turkeys and horrendous hangovers are also imminent.

Although we love the silly season and all the mince pies it has to offer, it brings along some seriously stressful baggage with it. Whether it’s spending too much time with the fam or fretting because you’ve gone into minus funds after Christmas shopping that stresses you out, trust us you’re not alone!

So for all you stressed out sistas, we’ve taken the advice of psychologist and author of the Love Always self-help trilogy Marianne Vicelich on how to get through the festivities with your sanity in tact.

Talk about how you’re feeling

A problem shared is a problem halved and all that, right? Although you may feel that your little worries and stresses are not worth chatting to your mates about, trust us they most definitely are and you’ll feel all the better for it. “Find people you trust and share it with them,” says Marianne. “When asked, people are usually happy to help but you do need to ask. It may be something like ‘I need a hug’, ‘I am struggling in dealing with my family right now’, or ‘I feel immense pressure,” she explains.

Give a helping hand

It’s the perfect time of year to give back with a selfless act. So, whether you want to volunteer at a soup kitchen, go bucket collecting for a chosen charity or send away a thoughtful shoebox to someone in need, Marianne says the actual act of giving back will make you feel good and as a result help alleviate some of your stresses.

Be willing to forgive. Even though you may be so angry that you can’t forgive, try to be willing and open to forgiveness.

Take care of yourself

Unfortunately, most of us take it for granted that we look after ourselves when we actually don’t spend half enough time doing it. There’s a number of positive steps you can take to make sure you’re looking after mé féin.

Take walks outdoors, meditate and consume alcohol, sugar, and caffeine in moderation,” Marianne instructs. “If you’re tired, give yourself permission to leave a family event early. You’re not obligated to stay until the bitter end. Fighting and drama tends to escalate as it gets late, especially if the alcohol is flowing,” she warns. 

Forgive and forget

Some of the stresses of Crimbo can be because you’ll have to do the niceties with people you’re on bad terms with. We know it’s a lot easier said than done, but Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to build some bridges and put the past in the past. “Forgiving is as important for our own wellbeing, as it is for the wellbeing of others,” Marianne explains. “Be willing to forgive. Even though you may be so angry that you can’t forgive, try to be willing and open to forgiveness.” 


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