OMG! There’s A Genius Way To Stop Your Tights Falling Down And It’s Everything!

Best. Hack. Ever.

Girl wearing tights

We’ve all been there. You’ve put on your best outfit and pulled on a pair of tights to go with it, but you’re only two minutes out the door, when it starts; you can feel them sliding slowly down your legs, and so begins the awkward routine of having to yank them back up every five seconds.

Annoying, right? Right. Well ladypal, there’s a way to make sure those tights stay put the whole day through and it’s every so simple.

All you need to do is put on your knickers, then pull on your tights as normal, then – wait for it – stick on another pair of undies over the top. Ingenious, amiright?

Ideally, you should look for a high waisted pair with a strong elastic to keep things super secure.

The extra layer helps to keep your tights right where they need to be meaning no more awkward shimmys on the walk to work in the mornings. Score.


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