Right, So Apparently We Should All Be Having Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

Experts say it could greatly improve your time between the sheets.

Couple in bed

For most gals, their period probably isn’t the time of the month when they feel at their sexiest. But for others, their libido seems to kick into overdrive and they feel like hopping into bed with their fella, like, 24/7.

Unless you’re prepared to lay down a towel though or aren’t squeamish about the subsequent mess, then you probably don’t have much option but to wait it out until the river’s no longer red before you get down to it.

Or so you thought. You see, according to one expert, there is a solution.

Your new period sex BFF? Your menstrual cup. Melissa Walsh, MD, an ob-gyn at Montefiore Health System, says popping it in before period sex could make sexy time a whole lot hotter.

menstrual cup

She explains to Cosmopolitan that “using a menstrual cup can help you establish a baseline comfort with your body,” which we assume means that by getting all fingers and thumbs with your vag when you’re putting a moon cup up there, you feel more relaxed about your bod when it comes to getting laid.

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“That can loosen you up during sex, making the experience more enjoyable — even during your period, when you can wear the cup to reduce messiness, no problem,” Melissa adds.

The best part, besides being able to have sex all month long?

“The cup prevents blood from mixing with your vagina’s normal vaginal secretions,” Melissa explains. “So it can flow freely and prevent painful friction.”

While clean, mess-free sex sounds great to us, we have some obvious questions. Like how exactly, can you have penetrative sex when there’s a domed piece of plastic lodged up there? Like, is there enough room?

On another note, could the, er, motion of the ocean lead to leaks and spillages?

Whatever the drawbacks, if it means being able to, um, ride right through our lady flow, we might be prepared to give it a go.