Sex Fact: These Are The 5 Most Arousing Spots On The Female Body

And not all of them were what we were expecting.


Who can forget that scene from Friends where Monica, with a crude illustration of the female anatomy in hand, attempts to explain a woman’s seven basic erogenous zones to Chandler, ending in one of the most hilarious on-screen orgasms ever.

But, just like Chandler we were left with one big question: there are seven erogenous zones!? Seriously? But, um, what and where are they exactly?

Well, thanks to a new infographic by Skyn condoms the mystery has been semi-solved, as a survey by the company unveiled the five most sensitive arousal spots for women. The obvious erogenous zones like the vagina and the clitoris didn’t make the list. Here’s what did…

5. Stomach

It may not seem like the sexiest of areas on your body, but the stomach, it turns out, is a sensitive zone for what may seem like an underwhelming four percent. But don’t bin it ’til you spin it, you never know what might stoke your fire.

4. Back

On the flipside (literally), the back scores higher with six percent. Apparently it’s all to do with the tension we carry in our backs, and having the area stroked, or scratched, if that’s what you’re into can help to relieve that tension. Reckon that’ll float your boat? There sex positions allow your man free access to the curve of your spine, the small or large of your back.

3. Bum

Not hitting a bum note, next on the list is the butt, with 15% of gals saying it’s a major hotspot. For some, a light touch can drive them wild, while others prefer a much, er, heavier-handed approach.

2. Neck

*Nods in agreement.* We have more agreement here with a healthy 28 % of millennial women ‘fessing that they are powerless to a gentle stoke or kiss on the neck. The back and nape of the neck are particularly sensitive, and the area responds best to a light touch, not a rough one.

1. Nipples

The number one is a no-brainer really, and 35% of women agree that the nipple is one seriously sensual spot, when it comes to doing the deed. In fact, many women claim they can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Why so? It’s all down to the collection of nerve-endings, which are said to light up the same parts of the brain as the clitoris and the vagina.

The more you know, eh?

By Jennifer Conway.


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