‘Sometimes I Train On An Empty Stomach’: Joe Wicks, The Body Coach Tells Us His Day On A Plate

Wanna know what the super lean and super ridey Joe Wicks eats on the daily? We've got it.


Joe Wicks never stops. Since his brand #LeanIn15, a fitness programme that aims to have you eating more and training less, took off earlier this year his head has barely hit the pillow.

He’s been jet-setting across the globe promoting his new book Lean In 15 The Shape Plan, working on a TV show for Channel 4 and filming workouts for his YouTube channel and Facebook page. Oh, and he’s on Snapchat chatting to his million-strong following like 24/7 too.

Joe Wicks Book 2

So with such a hectic schedule how does Joe manage to keep his lifestyle clean and lean?

Well, we caught up with him to find out. When we met he’d already blasted a morning HIIT session on an empty stomach.

Here’s how a typical day for him shapes up.


“Today I had an omelette with a couple of slices of toast to get my protein and my carbs.”


“Lunch time will always be protein-based, so maybe a bit of chicken or steak or fish. I’d have some fats along with that too, so maybe something like avocado or some kind of cheese.”


“When I eat in the evening, again, it’s the same sort of thing; a bit of fish, maybe some tuna steak or a seabass but I like to live on two carb and one reduced-carb meal a day.”


“I’m not a big snacker. I don’t really graze. Because I have really big meals, that’s where I get my calories.

“I don’t like drinking my calories either, so I won’t really drink loads of juice during the day or anything. I’d rather just have an extra meal. If I do snack though it’ll be nuts or a protein shake.”

Wanna know Joe’s top tip for keeping it lean on holidays? You can check it out here


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