These New Stats Have The Potential To Restore Your Faith In Online Dating

We're not promising anything though.

Anyone who has dabbled in online dating knows that it can be a minefield of awkwardness, potential catfishing, hurt and disappointment.

Having banter with someone online doesn’t always translate to chemistry in real life. Likewise, sifting through dozens of potential matches who look great on paper is time-consuming, and let’s not even get started on the assumption that every lad on a dating app must be looking for one thing and one thing only.

Well, in promising news, a new study has dispelled some of the common misconceptions around online dating, and comfortingly people who are only in it for a hookup are apparently a whole lot less common than you might imagine.

Get this: researchers in Harvard University surveyed a number of adults between the ages of 18 to 25 and discovered that the majority of online daters are actually interested in dating just one person.

Far from looking for a one night stand, they’re actually on the hunt for something more long term.

Backing this up, further results suggested that less than five percent of Tinder users messaged more than five people per week and a similarly low number would consider sleeping with someone on a first date.

In fact, an overwhelming 95 percent of respondents said that having sex with someone straight away simply wasn’t what they were looking for.

Enlightening, huh? It’s almost enough to persuade me to reinstall Tinder. Almost.

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