This New Weight Loss Trend Isn’t Just Weird, It’s Dangerous

Celebs and fit folk are turning to cling wrap to lose weight, but docs are saying it poses some serious risks to your health.

cling wrap weight loss

We’ve heard of a lot of crazy ways to lose weight in our time, from Beyoncé’s maple syrup detox to Jennifer Aniston’s baby food diet. Even the super health-conscious Gwyneth Paltrow once reportedly ate naked in front of a mirror so she was more aware of where those extra calories were going.

Now there’s a new bizarre way to drop the pounds, and it involves something you probably already have stocked in your kitchen cupboard: cling film.

Yep, celebrities and fitness fanatics alike have been wrapping themselves up in cling film-esque strips soaked in a mystery fat-zapping formula. It reportedly releases ingredients into the skin that dissolve fat and, while the jury’s out on whether it actually works, docs are saying it can have some serious consequences for your health.

That’s cos the wraps prompt water loss, which can dehydrate you. Not just that, but if you’ve got a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, the formulas can irritate your skin, and if you suffer from diabetes, the tight constriction of the wraps can cause serious problems for your circulation. Add to that, docs are saying that any weight loss experienced is merely down to a loss of water, and only a temporary fix. Yep, we’re writing this one off as just another fad.

Pic credit: Instagram @fitlifestyle_m