5 Guys Reveal What Makes Them Swipe Right On Tinder. It’s Not All Nice…

We asked five guys what makes them swipe right on Tinder and it turns out men can be waaaaay harsh.

guy using smartphone

So, you’re eager to find a new boyfriend but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you yet.

These days Tinder is the new place to find a beau, and if you’re after a new fella, then you’ll wanna make sure your profile stands out.

But, er, how do make sure yours is a knockout?

We asked five boys what makes them swipe right on a girl’s Tinder profile, and this is what they told us. Warning: Not all of it is pretty…

Mark, 23

“My technique’s to swipe right for everyone and then just un-match all the mingers. It’s the most time-effective way and it saves me a lot of effort. It also means I’ve more of a selection.”

Jamie, 28

“I only swipe right if it’s a picture of a girl on her own. There have been too many times that I have swiped yes to a girl in the photo only to find out I actually matched with her friend, the unattractive one. I will not be fooled again.”

Simon, 19

“I swipe right if I’ve a substantial amount of mutual friends with a girl. To be honest, I don’t really care what her pic is like, but if we’ve a lot of friends in common, it ensures she’s probably not a looney.”

Stephen, 31

“I look for something funny in the about me section and not a bunch of photos with loads of people in it. It’s too much effort figuring out who’s who, and I don’t want to be catfished.”

Conor, 25

“I will not swipe right if the girls photo is really filtered or if she’s wearing a tonne of make-up. I’ve made that mistake before of going on a date with a girl whose photo was really filtered – and she looked nothing like her pics. I won’t be fooled again.”