What He’s Really Thinking The First Time He Sees You Naked: Two Guys Tell All

Ever wondered what your new fella is thinking the first time he sees you stripped bare? These two lads tell it like it is.


Let’s be honest, most gals can be down on themselves when it’s time to whip off their undergarments in front of their man. Silly really, because you can bet your bottom dollar that the last thing he’s thinking about is your so called ‘wobbly stomach’ or whether you’ve waxed, kept a ‘landing pad’ or resemble a plucked turkey. We know you can’t please all the people all of the time. Obvs. So ladies, we asked two guys what they’re REALLY thinking the first time they see you naked.

Yes, I got her naked

Mark, 28, reckons he’s already winning at life here. Having sex with you is one thing, getting you fully naked is another. “As long as you feel comfortable with me, strip off and try to enjoy yourself. I sure will…”

Boobs. Actual boobs I can touch. God, I love boobs

Men and boobs; a mystery as old as time itself and something we, as women, have never fully been able to grasp. “We love ’em and I don’t see them in their fully naked state as often as I’d like.” Mark says.

Look her in the eye, look her in… damn it

James, 26, admits that looking into his girl’s eyes during sex can be hot as hell, under the right circumstances. “I’ll try, I really will, but when there’s so much stuff going on everywhere else it can be hard to focus.” So ladies cut him some slack if he seems a tad, um, distracted.

Thank God she left the light on

Having sex in the dark might make you feel more confident, but James tells us that all guys want to have sex with the light on. “We all want to see what’s going on and how turned on you are. It’s like our own little porn, except much better because we’re actually in it.”

Is my penis big enough?

Mark says, that like us gals he can feel a tad self-concious as all his bits are out there and on display.” If I’m really honest I’m frantically searching your face in an attempt to read any minute micro-expression that hints I’m not living up to expectations. If I think I’ve passed this test, it’s full steam ahead; there’s no turning back.”

Take a mental snapshot

“I’m going to want to remember this. If I forget in the mind-blowing, glorious moment that is seeing you naked for the first time, I will get around to taking a mental snapshot sometime soon,” says James. “This isn’t a casual, ‘Hope I remember this.’ It’s me summoning some foreign aspect of my brain that acts as a camera, to ensure I don’t forget every detail of your body.”

By Jennifer Conway.