What He’s Really Thinking When You’re Having Sex

We've always wondered what goes through his head while doing the deed, so we asked some of our closest guy friends to find out.

what he's really thinking during sex

There are a million and one things rushing through our heads while we’re doing the deed; Did I leave the oven on? Wow, he’s finally getting the hint! What am I going to make for the dinner? All perfectly understandable things to think during sex, but have you ever stopped and thought what wild thoughts are buzzing through his brain while you’re getting frisky?

In some of the most cringey conversations we’ve ever had we asked some of our closest guy friends to tell us what’s rushing through their minds while having sex. This is what they told us:

1. Wow, she’s really hot.

You may not think it if you’ve just woken up sans make-up but he’s seriously crushing on you in a major way. According to our male mates, most guys can’t believe their luck when they’re between the sheets with you. “When I’m having sex with a girl I realise how insanely attracted to her I am. I don’t understand girls who don’t get this; I wouldn’t be having sex with you if I didn’t think you were hot,” says James, 29.

2. I hope she’s enjoying it

Boys are insecure too despite what you might think. “I always freak that I’m going to come too soon, then she’ll go off and tell all her mates and I’ll be known as a two-minute Tim,” Cameron, 23, tells us.

Jamie, 24, agrees that sometimes insecurities get the better of him. “If it’s my first time with a girl I tend to get performance anxiety. I’m always worried that she might not be having a good time,” he confesses.

3. Stop covering your tummy

Feeling self conscious about your body? Well, you shouldn’t be, if the responses from our guy friends are anything to go by. “I find it so annoying when a girl puts her hands over her tummy or tries to cover her boobs when we’re having sex. Trust me, you look great and your hands just get in the way,” says Phil, 26.

4. Is she faking it?

Warning: If you’re faking it he probably knows cos our male mates say they can spot a faker a mile off. The worst bit? It totally bruises his ego. “I don’t know why girls insist on faking it sometimes,” Harry, 20, tells us. “It’s so obvious. I’d rather they didn’t and just enjoyed themselves without putting on a show; it’s just insulting to be honest.”

5. I wonder if she’d mind if I tried…

This goes through every boy’s head at some point apparently, whether its anal¬†or some light S&M he’s always wondering if you’d like to try something new but most guys are too scared to even ask. “I’d love to be more sexually adventurous with my girlfriend,” reveals Cathal, 33. “But I’m scared that if I asked I’d get a slap in the face and no sex for a month.”