What Sex Positions Do Guys Love? We Asked Our Male Mates To Find out…

You know what feels good for you, but have you ever wondered what does it for him? Four guys tell us what moves they love in the bedroom.

guy and girl in bed

Back in our August ish we discussed the issue of orgasm equality, but while we reckon it’s mighty important that you, er, get yours, we also think it’s pretty crucial to know that the fella you’re with is having a good time too. But what does it for him?

A recent survey by the Independent revealed that both guys and gals are a pretty complex bunch when it comes to the moves that work for us between the sheets, loving everything from standing up and missionary, to girl on top, doggy style, and spooning.

Not so conclusive, huh?

That’s why we decided to do some of our own research and ask our guy mates what they really love between the sheets. The positions that came out (ahem) on top? Doggy style, with girl on top coming a close second.

Here’s what our guy mates had to say about their favourite moves…

Kevin, 26

“Girl on top is probably my favourite. It’s nice to see a girl taking control of the situation; it’s sexy, and it means I have less work to do which is always nice. I’m not a fan of missionary though; it gets boring and it’s a lot of effort. Sometimes I find girls get a bit lazy on it too, and I don’t like having to do all the work.”

Anthony, 23

“The classic positions are the best in my opinion. Doggy style is definitely my favourite; it’s the best position for getting in deep which is always good. You get a great view of her bum… and everything else, and I love being able to grab her hair too. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of spooning or missionary either I guess, but I think most guys would agree that doggy style is a winner.”

Doggy style gives me full control, and let’s be honest, the view is pretty awesome.

Daniel, 27

“I’m a big fan of spooning; it’s up close and personal and a win-win for guys and girls. Plus if I’m lazy or hungover it’s minimal effort. If I’m feeling a little more energetic though, then doggy style definitely comes a close second. It gives me full control, and let’s be honest, the view is pretty awesome.”

Sean, 22

“I’d have to say reverse cowgirl because I can take a break and let her do the work. I don’t know why though but I sometimes find girls are a little reluctant to do it, and would rather go for missionary. In that case, the traditional forward-facing cowgirl is good enough for me.”