The Sex Files: ‘I Hooked Up With A Reality Star In A Nightclub’

Memories of the best (and worst) rides of your life.

Tantric sex

“I was out in town with my girl friends and we were all feeling extra single and lonely. We made a deal that we’d all have to at least get the shift before the night was out. We were in a busy club when we saw a reality star/ influencer who had been on some MTV shows. He had been doing a paid appearance at another nightclub down the road. Girls were swarming around him and I’m not a big reality star girl so I didn’t even bother. Somewhere in a haze of gin and tonic and jagerbombs my two girl friends found themselves ridey lads to kiss, with one of the girls heading home with her fella. My friend Jane was still kissing her new man in the corner so I figured I’d stick around so we could get a taxi home together.

I was sitting with a drink when the influencer sat down beside me. ‘Ugh I’m shattered,’ he said in his English accent. All of a sudden I was a little starstruck. ‘Yeah, but you get paid to be here, so don’t be complaining!’ I said cheekily. ‘Alright, that’s fair,’ he laughed. ‘I just feel like once people take their pics for Instagram they can’t be bothered chatting to me’ he said, ‘that’s because people think you’re too cool to talk to non-reality stars,’ I joked. We flirted back and forth, and then he goes, ‘I like you, you’re cheeky,’ before kissing me gently. I kissed him back, suddenly thrilled by how unexpected this all was, he whispered in my ear ‘meet me in the bathroom, now!’

It was so out of character for me, but none of this even felt real, so I just went with it. He was in the stall waiting for me when I got in, I looked at myself in the mirror and just got a surge of confidence. I walked into the cubicle and climbed on top of him, while he sat. I straddled him and felt his pleasantly large penis enter me with ease. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and we moved back and forth while he kissed my neck and breasts. I tried so hard to keep quiet, because at any minute anyone could have entered the bathroom. From outside the stall, all you could see was his feet planted on the ground, so we could get away with going for a bit longer. I came quickly and let out a little moan, before he placed his finger across my mouth so I could bite into it to stay quiet. Then he put his hands under my bum, while I was still on his lap to elevate me slightly. This was the perfect angle for me to reach climax once again, this time it was slower and more intense. Soon after he pulled me even closer so that we had our arms wrapped around each other, and it was my turn to come. He kissed me passionately just at the end, and then we giggled.

We parted ways soon after, and I met my friend who was ready to leave. We headed home and I waited until the morning to tell the girls, because it felt so surreal that I just wanted to think about it for myself. The next morning the girls couldn’t get over the story, and forced me to start following him on Instagram. He quickly followed me back, but we never interacted again, other than the odd cheeky like on a pic. While I don’t expect to ever see him again, that night gave me a massive boost of confidence that I’ll always carry in the bedroom!”


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