10 Bad Boys Turned Doting Dads That Are Melting Our Hearts!

Inspired by yesterday's Father's Day celebrations, we're taking a look at some bad boys for whom fatherhood has been bloody brilliant.

What did you do with your dad yesterday on Father’s Day? We spent the day on Instagram, drooling over celeb patriarchs, of course. Kidding: we were dead nice to our dear daddies, but we did get to thinking about the bad-boy celebs who we would’ve never pegged as dad material. Their risky, flamboyant, inflammatory lifestyles were never something for anyone to look up to.

But y’know, lots of them have grown up, proven us completely wrong and transformed themselves from the ultimate bad boy to the ultimate deadly dad – obviously making us crush on them soooo much more.

So, inspired by yesterday’s celebration of all things Alpha Papa, here’s our list of the top 10 bad boys turned doting dads:

Simon Cowell and baby

Simon Cowell

The notorious Mr.Nasty is anything but with this pic of him and his adorable son Eric, born in 2014. Who’da thunk it, eh?

Kanye and North West

Kayne West

The outspoken American rapper has turned into the ultimate softy for his beautiful daughter North West. The pair look adorable together in this Father’s Day snap, shared by Kim – but their kontentment may be shattered this time next year, as baby #2 will be born, reported to be a boy.

Scott Disick and Mason

Scott Disick

The famous party boy has turned a new corner, swapping vodka bottles for baby bottles now that he’s a dad of three. Here’s hoping those open relationship rumours ain’t true…

Colin Farrell and his child

Colin Farrell

Who would have thought our fave Irish bad boy had such a caring side? He’s dad to Henry Tadeusz Farrell, James Padraig Farrell and it’s clear he’s pretty hands-on.

Jude Law and his kids

Jude Law

Here’s a bit of a TBT shot of Jude and although he has, ahem, a colourful past, we can’t deny that this pic makes us swoon for him.

Johnny Depp and Lily Rose

Johnny Depp

Johnny changed his ways once he became a dad (and er, changed ’em right back again when he left his kids’ mum, Vanessa Paradis), this is a serious case of like father like daughter (those genes…)

Robbie williams and baby
Robbie Williams

The former party animal has swapped his late night parties for late night feeds for his two children with wife Ayda, Theodora Rose Williams, Charlton Valentine Williams.

Russell Crowe and kids

Russell Crowe

The controversial star has tried to tame his ways since becoming a father to these adorable boys. Did it work? Well, sorta…

Robert Downey Jr and his baby

Robert Downey Jr

Dad to three children, it wasn’t until he had his youngest two that this film star used his role as a father to change his bad boy ways. He’s meltin’ our Ironman hearts…

Noel Gallagher and son

Noel Gallagher

Noel truly lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle but once his kids came along he changed his ways (there’s nothing we love more than a doting rockstar dad). Awww!