10 Things You’re Really Thinking During Sex But Probably Shouldn’t Be

From planning your OOTD to thinking about the laundry: we won't be telling our boyfriends what really goes through our minds while doing the deed.

couple in bed

Does your mind wander when you’re between the sheets with yer fella?

New research by sex toy company Lovehoney has revealed that half of Irish women fantasise about someone other than their boyfriend or partner while having the sex.

The study found that while we’re getting down with our partner 42% of peeps are thinking about doing the deed with their first love or a work colleague.

But a spokesperson for Lovehoney says that it’s totes okay. “Sexual experimentation is to be encouraged because couples who are happy in bed tend to be happy in the rest of their lives.”

Still, we won’t be ‘fessing to our deviant desires anytime soon. Here’s what other not-so-flattering thoughts go through our heads while we’re in the throes of passion.

1. What am I going to wear tomorrow? That Topshop crop I have will look awesome with my new jeans.

2. How do I tell him to stop what he’s doing without offending him? Oh wait, never mind. He’s got the hint.

3. I really hope his roommate didn’t hear that. Yep, they definitely heard that.

4. Ouch. Leg cramp. LEG CRAMP!

5. Oh man, I’ve got so much laundry to do.

6. Shit, did I take my pill this morning? Oh, wait, yeah I did. Phew.

7. If he hurries up I’ll still be able to watch Made In Chelsea.

8. Actually, if I change position I could probably still see the TV.

9. Where did he learn this new trick? Its definitely new. That’s it, he’s obviously seeing someone else.

10. That’s it?! Oh well, guess I can go watch MIC/take a nap/ order takeaway now.