11 People Who Had A ‘Mare Getting To Work Today Thanks To Dublin Bus

Oh, a 48-hour strike? CHEERS.

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How was your commute to work/college today? Nightmarish? Well, you’re not the only one.

Last night, Dublin Bus ceased service for 48 hours due to industrial action by drivers, protesting what they say are unfairly low pay levels.

Around 400,000 commuters were affected by the strike, and while some people could hop on a DART, LUAS or train to get to where they needed, others had to wave goodbye to public transport and opt to walk, cycle or even get a taxi instead.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the smoothest of mornings for most…

1. This poor lad battled gale-force winds to get to work


2. And this first-time cyclist was NOT prepared for hills


3. This fella had no idea the strike was even happening. Oops.


4. Traffic affects everyone, even ‘slebs.


5. One poor girl walked the length of Dublin just to get to work on time


6. And a fair few folks had to re-learn how to cycle this morning


7. This Ballymun-ite was hindered by his bank balance. We’ve all been that solider.


Of course, it wasn’t all bad…

8. Being in work crazily early comes with its perks. Coffee, for one.


9. And that smug ‘Oh, I cycled to work and probably burned 7,503,300 calories, wbu?’ feeling isn’t to be sniffed at.


10. Plus, the strike meant everyone was out in the fresh air (unless they were stuck in their cars…)


11. In conclusion, we agree with this attitude, but please GOD let the strikes come to an end soon