4 Things Irish Bloggers have Taught us About Body Confidence

These Irish bloggers show us just how important it is to love your body the way it is.

Lesson 1: Every body is beautiful

Style Me Curvy

Body confidence is not a one-size fits all, as Irish plus-size model Louise O’Reilly proves. Signed to modeling agencies all around the world, size 16 Louise shows girls everywhere that you don’t have to be rail thin to feel good about your bod.

Lesson 2: Love the skin you’re in

Pippa O'Connor

Irish beauty  Pippa O’Conner didn’t let body-shamers get her down when she was slammed for being ‘too skinny’ back in April. Oh no! Instead, Pippa hit back, proudly stating, “that’s the way I am.”

“You wouldn’t say to someone, ‘You’re a few stone overweight, so lay off the burgers’ To me, it’s as insulting,” she continued. You tell ’em Pippa. (More on that in the new issue; out July 15th, bbz.)

Lesson 3: Treat your body with respect

Joanne Larby

She’s recently had a major lifestyle overhaul, and beauty blogger Joanne Larby shows us that, when it comes to body confidence, it’s important to love your body from the inside out. Thanks to a nourishing diet and a regular exercise regime, Joanne’s looking and feeling more fierce than ever.

Lesson 4: Size really doesn’t matter

Minnie Melange

Blogger, Phd candidate, primary school teacher and broadcaster are just some of the amazing qualifications Minnie Melange can put on her C.V. And standing at 3ft 5 inches she shows us that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to feeling happy and confident in your own skin. Want the proof? Minnie has given talks on body acceptance in front of over 150 students. If that’s not confidence, we don’t know what is.