40% Of Irish Men Lie About Their Number Of Sexual Partners

A new study has revealed the fibbing habits of Irish men and women – here's what we're likely to lie about.

Couple on a date

We’re a dishonest bunch in Ireland, according to the results of Four Star Pizza’s survey into Irish fibbing habits. Ahead of Honesty Day (yes, such a thing exists) this Thursday, the study found that, while a dishonest 10 percent of peeps told upwards of 10 lies a day, the average for both men and women was four fibs daily.

What are the guys most likely to lie about? 40 percent lie to a new partner about their previous number of sexual partners and – surprise, surprise – 13 percent of dudes would actually increase their ‘magic’ number to impress a new partner.

Other common fibs among the fellas are: lying about their sporting prowess (32 percent); their salary (21 percent); ability to cook (20 percent); and, our personal fave – “that was a virus, I don’t know how it ended up on my laptop.” #PullTheOtherOne

Us ladies don’t shape up too well either, though. We’re most likely to fib about our weight (40 percent); our measurements (25 percent); and how often we hit the gym (27 percent).

The good news? 45 percent of those surveyed nominated their partner as the person they can be most honest with. Aww. We guess there’s hope for Irish lads yet.